We at “Cook for Life” know how to take care of our customers. We are your partners, we understand your daily needs and we can offer you exactly what you need. Our craftsmanship, hard work and high-quality ingredients will allow you to work more efficiently and will keep a smile on your face. You will never have to say again, “what is this thing on my plate and how much was it?”


Our chefs from “Cook for Life” will ensure that you will always feel like you are eating at your favourite restaurant. You no longer have to rush for lunch outside your office and quickly invite your business partners God knows where. We guarantee that people will talk about your cafeteria, and others will envy you!


  • Based on our menu, you can put together your own meal
  • Fair gastronomy without chemicals and artificial flavours
  • Salads mixed in front of the customer according to their wishes
  • Grilled in front of your eyes
  • Cafe with homemade cakes
  • Your own nutrition consultant in every restaurant
  • Nutrition report for each guest
  • Hard work and no compromises to our craftsmanship


Our revolutionary menu offer “Put together your own meal” will surprise you with its revolutionary concept, simplicity, personal approach and overall added value! Eating with us means a restaurant quality at cafeteria prices!


We will demonstrate the concept to you and convince you that we are the best choice for your employees!


And this is what our cooking looks like! (There will be a link here