Elementary Schools

Cook for Life will revitalize your school catering. We are here for you, and we will teach your students how to eat and drink well. We will help you remove factors and temptations that encourage bad eating habits from the school premises, and we will revamp your school buffet. We will introduce you to a nuanced concept, we will simplify your entire catering system, and we will advise you on how to increase the efficiency of your culinary team and reduce costs.


We observe the highest standards in safety and supervision and the most up-to-date gastronomic processes in the school environment. Your kids will eat with pleasure and come home well fed.


  • We will train your staff and increase their efficiency
  • We will provide a chef for you
  • We cook without chemicals, dry ingredients and ready-to-cook food
  • We can help you simplify the entire catering system
  • We promote a good fluid intake regimen
  • We advise parents on how to prevent bad eating habits
  • We deliver a monthly nutritional report of all pupils


Each school taking part in the program that fulfills all the requirements will receive a certificate and a quality label from Cook for Life that signifies a clear and maintained change in the pupils’ eating habits. Together, we share a mutual responsibility and mutual goals for success! Schools will acquire stars for their catering and increased competitiveness. We guarantee that your school will attract pupils not only from your district.


We give joy to pupils and students, satisfaction to parents and prestige to the entire school!


And this is what our cooking without compromise looks like! (There will be a link here: http://cookforlife.cz/nase-vize/