OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANutrition consultation

I see great potential and prospects in the cooperation between nutritionists and catering professionals. For me, the “Cook for Life” concept fits the bill perfectly – you can’t go wrong with high-standard work based on solid expertise. Establishing good food as part of a healthy lifestyle and offering a little bit extra is the way to go. Cafeteria eating substantially affects our eating habits, so focusing on this sector is more than necessary.

„Cook for Life“ has set out to reorganize the catering in institutions in which certain standards have to be observed as well as in other operations – always with a focus on the customer’s individual needs.

A good-quality diet is a basic necessity. I can offer you nutritional profiles for your meals, nutritional consultations as well as practical information, seminars, advice, answers to your questions, and help with eating habit-related problems. And I will do it with pleasure!

Věra Boháčová