Introduction: We are happy to introduce the team of experts behind our revolutionary menu and other needs your clients may have. They have put their collective experience gathered at home and abroad into the “Cook for Life” concept. Theit expertise ensures that you will never find compromise in our cafeterias – only well-made and tasty food!


George :

” Gastronomy consists of honesty, the highest-quality ingredients, craftsmanship and hard teamwork.”

My work is my hobby. I have gained extensive culinary experience in my many years of working in restaurants such as Potrefená Husa and also in catering companies in Prague like Zátiší Group. Several years of work in a trading position at a multinational American company led me to the idea and the concept of Cook for Life .



Viteslav-Sedlak-128x128Vitek :

“My job is to maintain our motto, values and commitments.”

I have worked in a high-end gastronomy for over 20 years, and I specialize in Czech specialties with a modern twist. I have created recipes and managed hotel kitchens and restaurants at home and abroad, namely at the Grand Hotel Pupp and Holiday Inn in Ashford, England; and I have worked in cooperation with the restaurant Mlýnec, Zátiší Group, and others.



tomas-vacir-128x128Tomáš :

” Your satisfaction and the quality delivered to your plate are the most important things to me.”

I have gained many years of experience as a restaurant manager on transatlantic cruise ships in Florida as well as in Basel, Switzerland and at the first-class restaurant Villa Richter at Prague Castle, where the quality of service, serving and customer satisfaction have always been my main concerns. I am here for you, and your concerns are my concerns.




qualified nurse

I have been working inthe nutrition consultation field for over 30 years with adults, and in the recent years also with children. I specialise in areas of civilization illnesses, especially cardiovascular diseases (and also risk factors such as obesity, disorders of fat metabolism, type 2 diabetes, etc.) I advise, give lectures and am an expert adviser for media.





“I will always prepare the highest-quality food in the best possible manner.”

As a sous chef, I put my experience from the local restaurant Mlýnec and Zátiší Group as well as from restaurants in Dublin, namely restaurant Downstairs, into my food preparation. At Downstairs, we won the Bib Gourmand award 2012. ” (Michelin recommended)