Secondary schools/Universities


Our fast-paced times put a lot of pressure on students. They are expected to excel and be professional … we at Cook for Life see that secondary school and university cafeterias are not keeping pace. For a long time, they have not been addressing the students’ needs and supporting their fast-paced lives! In other words, they cannot accommodate their pace.


We, Cook for Life, are the only company in the market, that addresses today’s students’ challenging needs. We can suggest the optimal solution for your students and your university – for your university Administration of accommodation and canteens, and also for commercial enterprises.


  • We provide good-quality cooking without chemicals, dried ingredients and ready-to-cook food
  • We introduce you to the concept of whole day catering
  • We will optimise the prices of food and drinks
  • We are able to do it without an ordering system
  • We can provide a chip system tailored to your needs
  • We’ are transparent towards both the students and the administration of schools
  • We are able to customize the menu according to all dietary needs
  • To your students, we offer a trendy concept chill-out zones with cafe corners.
  • We provide you with a monthly nutritional report


The revolutionary menu Cook for Life based on the concept of whole-day catering, trendy cafeterias and fluid intake will turn the student cafeterias into good restaurants at student-friendly prices. A team of experienced professionals and chefs ensure this. We also provide professional nutrition consultation available to the students.