KuchynRestWe offer training tailored to your needs: you can choose between a one-off training program or ongoing training that is tailored to the client’s needs and offers solutions to specific problems. As a first step, we will help you identify these problems and their potential impact. Our training programs are individually tailored to our clients, and changes can therefore be specifically described and their implementation can be controlled.

The trainings are aimed at the staff of cafeterias and small- and large-scale kitchens.



Cook For Life, Ltd. in schools

Cook For Life aims to improve the quality of public catering and large-scale cafeterias. We have brought together a team with many years of experience in all areas of gastronomy, from nutrition consultancy through consultations with personnel in charge or school catering to the managerial and Human Resources side. Putting our combined experiences into practice, we do away with misconceptions and, under the guidance of our experts, replace them with a healthy, modern and economically efficient approach. What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we look at food from the aspect of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.



Do these issues concern your kitchen?

Mostly likely yes. We found major inadequacies in the majority of the large-scale cafeterias we visited. To address this situation, schools have to be prepared to change the status quo. With active cooperation on your part, we will be able to achieve the first significant results within a few weeks.



What we can do for you:

  • Thouroughly assess the state of your kitchen and suggest solutions
  • Train kitchen staff in how to cook healthier and better-quality meals
  • Teach you how to cook without convenience foods and instant meals
  • Teach you how to reduce fat content
  • Teach your cooking staff how to reduce sugar content
  • Help you increase the proportion of vegetables in your menus
  • Advise you on how to provide a varied diet
  • Increase your team’s efficiency
  • Provide seminars for children and parents


Why you may want to work with us:

Everything we offer we have already successfully implemented at Generála Janouška Elementary School. In our case study, you can read how we made changes to the operation of the kitchen, improved teamwork efficiency, made relations with suppliers more efficient, and improved the cuisine and made it healthier.


Over the course of the project, we managed to disprove all the unfounded assumptions we encountered along the way and to prove our assumption that it is possible, even in large-scale cafeterias, to provide healthy, tasty meals without the use of convenience foods. These changes are possible in all cafeterias – right now.


What can you do to address these issues?

Contact us. We will devise an action plan according to your needs.